Tia's hat in the wind

Illustrations for children's book
"Tia's hat in the wind" is a short illustrated story about summer, a girl, her favorite hat and friendship.
Summer breeze blows away Tia's hat. Together with her friends - Moko the cat, Moosa the cow, and Tom, the boy nextdoor -they chase the hat; through the meadow, up and down the hill and into the river. When it finally gets stuck in an apple tree, imagination and collaboration is needed to get it down and back to Tia.

I painted the pictures with light, translucent layers of watercolor and I hope I have managed to achieve the feeling of bright, warm summer. I plan to make series of books with Tia and her friends and the next  book will be about spring and wonders of nature.
The book has been published in Finland (2011, Karisto Oy) with original title "Tiian hattu tuulessa".
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